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Hari Om
(School with a difference)

A Brief History of the Vidyalaya

    Chinmaya Vidyalaya Nileshwar had a humble beginning. Inspired by the formation of the Vidyalayas in the neighbouring areas, a few members of Chimaya Mission Nileshwar under the able leadership of the then President Dr. Suseela Ravindranath took the initiative of establishing an institution to impart value based education to the growing generation and the Vidyalaya came into being on 20th July 1983. It started functioning in the first floor of a rented building close to the present State Bank of Travancore, with 13 students and Smt. T.K Padmavathy was the first teacher of the Vidyalaya. The location of the Vidyalaya was shifted next year to the Kinavoor Kovilakaom in Padinhattam Kozhuval Nileshwar. With the passage of time, the increase in the number of students and the class room requirements could not be met with limited space at the Kovilakom. A new Building was constructed for the Vidyalaya at the present location situated on a hillock renamed as Chinmayagiri with its enchanting view of the rural and urban background. The inauguration of the Vidyalaya was done with the blessings of Pujya Guruji H.H. Swami Thejomayanand, the Supreme Head of Chinmaya Mission World-wide, presided over by the then President Sri T. K Muraleeddharan on 13.11.1998.

We stand as one family bound to each other with love and respect.
We serve as an army, courageous and disciplined, ever ready to fight against all low tendencies and false values within and without us.
We live honestly the noble life of sacrifice and service, producing more than what we consume and giving more than what we take.
We seek the Lord’s grace to keep us on the path of virtue, courage and wisdom.
May Thy grace and blessing flow through us to the world around us.
We believe that the service of our country is the service of the Lord of Lords and devotion to the people is the devotion to the Supreme Self.
We know our responsibilities; give us the ability and courage to fulfil them.


Significance of
Chinmaya Vidyalaya Flag
Yellow dipicts a positive outlook or vision of life.
Jnana Mudra represents knowledge of life and its purpose.
The Tricolour symbolizes love for and pride in our country and its culture.
The globe stands for Universal outlook.

Swami Chinmayananda's eternal presence and blessings are characterised by his signature of Om.
The vidyalaya motto " Keep Smiling " reminds us to face all challenges of life with a smile.
Hari Om
Design & layout : prasad p.v.
    The Chinmaya campus extends to an area of 4 acres and 47.5 cents (18110 Sq.mtrs) of land located in the eastern side of Nileshwar, approximately 2kms from the Railway station and the town. The surrounding area is serene and calm with its vast expanse of land and unpolluted air. Away from the dins and confusion of the town area, the place is environment friendly and is an ideal location for the learners. The Prarthana Mandir of Lord Vighneswara, close to the Vidyalaya campus adds spiritual effulgence, inspiring and creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The Vidyalaya is governed by Chinmaya Mission Educational and Cultural Trust, Nileshwar Unit with a Governing Body consisting of the local members of Chimaya Mission and other well-wishers interested in the cause.

    Chinmaya Vidyalayas are run under the auspices of the Central Chinmaya Mission Trust in different parts of the country. The Vidyalaya in each place is administered by a Managing Committee consisting of local members of Chinmaya Mission and other people interested in the cause.
    The Vidyalaya at Nileshwar has classes from Kindergarten to Standard X. Montessori, Play - way and other modern methods to develop and promote 123 skills (under the expertise of Sri V. V. Joseph, eminent clinical psychologist & trainer) are adopted in the Kindergarten.
    In a growing child, individuality unfolds over the years stage by stage. His awareness and understanding, abilities and capabilities unfold as he becomes more and more aware of our world and gradually he moves from the dim consciousness of infancy through the dreamy days of childhood, to the intellectual awareness of adolescence and beyond to adulthood. We should assist in this awakening process in the healthiest possible way, by bringing to the child the right kind of educational nourishment. This is what Chinmaya Vidyalayas aim at with sincerity in the best interests of the children and their future.


The primary objective of Chinmaya Vidyalaya is

1. To offer children a value-based and holistic education, which paves way for an integrated development of the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the personality which is enriched by the knowledge of Indian culture and enhanced by patriotism and a universal outlook.

2. To give a practical and judicious combination of academy excellence, extra-curricular pursuits, character building and personality development.

3. To mould children into young men and women of moral strength who can face the challenges of modern life with a smile and make a difference in the world by their positive contribution. The aim of the institution is also to bring about the harmonious blending of the traditional and the progressive methods of education as a tool to achieve the all-round development of the personality of the child. Our endeavour is to “create free human beings who are able to impart in themselves purpose and direction to their lives”.

Our teaching methods and subject-matter are so evolved that they can develop, harmonise and bring together the power of thought, feeling and action in the child. When this integration of head, heart and hand is brought about, the basis will have been laid for mental adaptability initiative and moral strength in adult life. In short, our aim is to impart the best of education with utmost care, love and understanding with a view to instilling in these young minds early enough, moral and ethical values, strength of character, discipline, national outlook, firm faith in all religions, and an abiding spirit of service and sacrifice and thus help and encourage them to develop a healthier and broader outlook on life.
Prarthana Mandir of Lord Vighneswara