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The Vidyalaya is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.
vide Aff. Letter No. CBSE/ /AFF/930261/EX-00544-1011/2010/250418/ dated 19-07-2010


In the K.G. section, a revolutionary change has been introduced breaking a new ground. This is quite in line with the thinking of modern educational psychologists as also in conformity with the UNICEF and WHO suggestions, emphasizing ‘Ready to Study’ Skills (123 nos.), Communication Skills (15 nos.), Life Skills (11nos.) and Value-based Education with a thrust given on environmentand nature study.

b) E-learning with interactive board based on the latest technology is introduced from the academic year 2010-2011 fromLKG toX.

c) The Curriculum for classes I to IV includes: English, Malayalam, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Computer Education, Art Education, Life Skills, Moral & Physical Education and Music.

d) The curriculum for classes V to X is prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

The subjects are:

1 Classes V-VIII
    1. English
    2. Hindi
    3. Third Language: Sanskrit, Malayalam
    4. Mathematics
    5. Science
    6. Social Science
    7. Value Education
    8. Life Skills
    9. Work Experience (Computer Science)
    10. Physical and Health Education
    11. Art Education (Drawing & Painting, Music, Life skills development)
    Sanskrit is also taught specially.

2. Classes IX &X
    1. English Communicative
    2. Hindi Course B/Malayalam
    3. Mathematics
    4. Science
    5. Social Science
    6. Work Experience (Computer Science)
    7. Physical & Health Education
    8. Art Education (Drawing & Painting, Music, Life skills development)
    9. Value Education
    10. Life skills

e) Text Books, Note Books, etc.
The vidyalaya arranges for the supply of all text books, note books, badges and belts. Parents are requested to obtain these only from the vidyalaya to ensure uniformity.

f) Only shoes and rainy wear of M/s BATA INDIA LTD., approved by the vidyalaya should be used.

III. Extra-Curricular Activities
A number of extra-curricular activities has been introduced which are designed to develop the all-round personality of the students. Moral instruction, physical education, lessons in histrionics, debate, music, dance, drawing and painting etc. are imparted to the students. Modern audio visual aids like OHP, LCD Projector etc. have already been in use. Computer training for all the students of Std I to X is provided under Work Education Scheme, Science Club, Eco Club, Social Science Club, Mathematics Club, Literary Club and Computer Science Club are also functioning.

IV. Admissions and Withdrawals
The minimum age for admission to LKG and Std. I is completion of 3 and 5 years respectively. Parents desirous of getting their children admitted to the vidyalaya are requested to get them registered and obtain the prospectus and the application form on payment of Rs. 100/-. Registration, however, is no guarantee of admission. The child has to sit for an assessment and appear for an interview on the appointed date and time except in the case of LKG admissions. For admission to LKG there will be an interview with the parents along with the candidates. Admission will be made subject to availability of seats.
Students of UKG who have successfully completed their KG course should seek fresh admission in Std. I. For this, the parents should adhere to the admission date schedule notified by the vidyalaya. Non-adherence can imply that the ward does not need the seat in Std.I.They are to bring the convocation certificate at the time of admission. Application forms duly filled in may be submitted on the stipulated date along with the original birth certificate and a photocopy of it.
Students coming from other schools should bring their transfer certificates duly countersigned by the AEO/DEO/DDE of the area. New students must be introduced personally by their parents/ guardians who will be responsible for their regularity of attendance and payment of dues. Right of admission is reserved with the management and the decision of the Management in this regard is final.
Admission to higher classes is subjected to availability of seats, performance in the assessment and production of T.C. duly countersigned by the educational officer concerned. T.Cs produced from foreign countries must be countersigned by the Indian Embassy of the country concerned.
Transfer certificate will be given only on the basis of a written application in the prescribed form, to be submitted at least a week in advance by the parent/guardian. However, if a letter regarding the urgency is produced from the school where the student is seeking admission, Transfer Certificate will be issued on the third day of application. It will be issued, however, only to those who have fully settled their dues. The management of Chinmaya Vidyalaya has decided to collect the following fee from students who will take theT.C. during the academic session.

First 7 working days - Fee for one month
Between 8th and 15th Working day - 1 month Tuition fee & Special fee
16th working day onwards - Term fee and Special fee
HOWEVER, FEES ONCE PAID WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. (Also please read the rules regarding payment of fees under XIV)

V. Examinations and Holidays
From Standard I to X, we follow the continuous and comprehensive evaluation system in accordance with the CBSE directions. There will be 3 unit tests and 2 Summative Assessments from std III to std. X. There will be about a week’s holidays each during Onam and Christmas, and two months summer vacation in April and May, besides other public holidays as notified. There will be regular classes in April/May for classes IX & X. Attendance is compulsory.

VI. Rules of Promotion
The promotion of a student to the next higher standard depends on his/her overall performance during the entire session. Since due credit is given to project/oral work, assignments (written and oral), periodical tests, Summative Assessments I & II, it is very essential that the student takes all the tests and completes all assignments in time. If a student is absent for any of the above, he/she will forgo the marks allotted.
Re-tests or re-assignments will not be held.
For a pass, from one standard to the next higher standard (standard V to IX) a student must get at least 40% marks in each subject or the total performance as arrived at in the last column in the progress report.
From the academic year 2009-10 onwards Grading based on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation System is introduced as per directions from the CBSE. Students studying in standards V to IX must also get good grades in the Work Experience (Computer Science), Physical & Health Education and Art and General Education.

VII. Examination Reports and Results
Answer papers of all except those of Summative Assessment II will be given back within ten days of the examination. Parents are requested to watch out for this and contact the vidyalaya authorities if the time limit is not kept up. When the answer sheets are distributed, a deadline is set for presenting any grievances for redressal. No change in marks of the answer sheets will be effected after the deadline.
No arrangement will be made for special tests/assessments for absentees before or after the time fixed for tests/assessments. An absentee will forgo the marks allotted to such test/ assessment. Students absent for examinations without grave reasons will not be considered for promotion.
Progress report will be shown to the parents after Summative Assessment I on the Open Day. Parents are requested to go through the reports carefully and return them immediately, duly signed.
The results of the Summative Assessment II in respect of classes I to IX will be declared and put up on the vidyalaya Notice Board in the second week of April.

VIII.House System
To instil in pupils the art of self-discipline and self-government and to encourage a spirit of healthy competition among them, they are organised into four Houses as stated below: (given within brackets are the names of the colours attached to each House)
Ganga (Green); Yamuna (Blue); Saraswathi (Yellow); Cauvery (Red)

IX. School Hours
L.K.G. to X : 9.35 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. (Monday to Friday) :
                      9.35 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. (Saturday)
(N.B.: Special classes may be held outside vidyalaya hours with advance intimation. Occasionally, Saturday afternoon will have special programmes, which will also be intimated in advance).

X. School Discipline
The following Rules of discipline are to be strictly followed.
1. The School Diary should be brought to the School everyday including examination days.
2. Students must be in the Vidyalaya premises 5 minutes before the first bell. Repeated late-comers should not enter the class without the Principal’s permission. They should also get the late attendance record in the vidyalaya diary signed by their parents.
3. The school uniform, washed and ironed, must be worn on all vidyalaya days and at all school functions. If a student is not in the prescribed uniform, he/she may be fined/sent home and the responsibility will lie with the parents. Students shall wear uniform on all formal occasions such as special classes and functions on holidays also.
4. Students shall speak only English in the school premises except in language classes. Defaulters are liable to be fined.
5. On meeting teachers/authorities for the first time in a day whether in the school or outside, students shall greet them, saying, ‘HARIOM’ with folded hands.
6. When a teacher/distinguished visitor enters the class, students should stand up, greet him/her saying ‘HARI OM’ with folded hands and remain standing till the teacher/visitor takes his/her seat or asks them to sit down.
7. Gold jewellery or any other ornaments like bangles, anklets, pearl chains etc. must not be brought to the vidyalaya. Unauthorised books, magazines, toys or such other articles are not to be brought to the vidyalaya. Only students of Std. V and above can wear wrist watches.
8. Students are not allowed to meet parents or visitors or to leave the vidyalaya premises during vidyalaya hours without the prior permission of the Principal.
9. Students are themselves responsible for the safety of their personal belongings like books, writing materials and lunch boxes.
10.Students are strictly forbidden to write or scribble on school walls or furniture or disfigure the class-rooms or damage any property. Parents / Guardians will have to compensate for any such damage done to school property by their wards. Moreover, disciplinary action may also be taken against them. Regarding damages done by students who are unable to be identified the whole class will be penalised.
11. Parents are requested not to give any money to their children without specific purpose. They are also requested not to entrust the payment of fees to their wards.
12. Students having full day session should preferably bring lunch from home. In case theywish to buy it from school canteen, they should obtain the lunch coupon before 9.30 am. They should not leave the school campus during the recess time without the prior permission from the Principal.
14. For going home for lunch and to go to the mosque on Fridays an application in duplicate should be submitted to the Principal in June.
15. Giving tips/gifts to the Vidyalaya Staff is against the rules of the Vidyalaya.
16. Every student must take part in school games and other activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted by the Principal. Weekly Balavihar classes are also compulsory for all students.
17. While going to/coming from the assembly or any other classes, or the dining hall, students should walk in line silently.
18. Ball point pens should not be used by students. Students upto Std. IV should use only pencil, and not pen. They should be regular in submitting home-work assignments. Disciplinary action will be taken for failure to do so. Parents are requested to ensure regularity in submission of home-work by their wards.
19. A record of the addresses of parents/guardians is maintained in the school office. Any change of address or telephone number should be communicated to the vidyalaya without delay.
20. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student on grounds of irregular attendance, habitual lack of leave application, disobedience to teachers, refusing to sing vidyalaya prayers, national anthem and other prescribed songs and any kind of malpractice or objectionable behaviour or conduct, not in keeping with the good reputation and principles of the school, within the premises or elsewhere.
21. Parents are requested to co-operate in the school work taking due interest in the progress of their children and enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline. Parents should check the School Diary daily and ensure that the home-work assigned is completed by the children. In addition, parents should sign for all remarks and information given in the Diary. If the Diary remark is not signed, the student is liable to be sent home.
22.Parents / guardians / escorts are not allowed to walk into any classrooms. They may leave their wards at the school gate/varandah from where the Ayahs will escort them into the respective class (wherever necessary).
23.Parents who wish to seek information or make any representation should do so by meeting the President or the Principal, and not the Class Teacher.
24. Parents who wish to speak to the Class Teacher regarding the progress of their children shall do so only after school hours between 4.00 and 4.20 p.m. on working days, with the prior permission of the Principal.
25.No private tuition by the Vidyalaya staff will be permitted without the prior approval of the Management. Parents are requested not to approach teachers directly.
26. It is essential that all parents attend the Open Day whenever held. Failure to do so without sufficient reason will be treated as a lapse on the part of the parents in discharging their obligation.
27.Attendance/participation of all mothers in the Mothers’ Day celebration is important.
28.Children are not permitted to sport “MEHANDI” beyond inside palm. TATTOOS are also forbidden. In the event of any violations, parents are liable to be summoned and the student concerned will be fined.
29. Students shall never bring MOBILE PHONES (Cell phones) into the campus either on working days or holidays. Violators will be sternly dealt with and their cell phones will be confiscated and will not be returned.This is a strict order from the management to the students. Parents will please take note of this.
30. Distributing/accepting chocolates or sweets inside vidyalaya campus is strictly prohibited. Violators will be fined heavily. Their parents are liable to be summoned too.
(i) A student whose birthday is to be celebrated may gift a new book/books to the vidyalaya library and the book/books so gifted will be kept in a separate ‘Birthday Gift Almirah’ in the library,
(ii) He/She will be permitted to wear colour dress. Such dress should not be too tight nor too gaudy. It should be decent and modest in all respects. Violator’s Parents are liable to be summoned. The colour dress will be permitted only on the exact birthday if it falls on a working day. In the event of somebody’s birthday falling on a holiday the colour dress will not be permitted on a working day coming before/after the exact birthday,
(iii) He/She will be wished Happy Birthday by the Class Assembly.
31. Entrusting a child to the vidyalayaschool implies that parents agree to adhere to the rules and regulations of the school. They are requested to see that their children also abide by these regulations.
32. All students should sing the school prayer and other prescribed songs and anthems.
33. Plastic carry bags, chocolates & toffees are prohibited on campus.
34. Students should wear the identiy card on all working days and on other formal occasions including special class days, etc. Identity Card should be worn from home till back home (i.e. right from the movement students leave home in the morning, till they get back home in the evening.)
35. Students and teachers are not allowed to exchange gifts or greeting cards, what soever.
XI. Leave of Absence
1. Leave of absence is not granted except on written application provided in the Vidyalaya Diary, from parent or guardian. In case of long leave on grounds of illness a medical certificate will have to be produced along with a separate leave application.
2. Absentees shall produce the Vidyalaya Diary with the relevant columns of the leave record duly filled in and signed by the parent/guardian.
3. Students of classes X should meet the Principal along with their parents on the day they come to the vidyalaya after their absence.
4. Children will not be allowed to go home during class hours except in case of death in the family, casualty, reporting sick on the campus or such exigencies. Students and teachers are not allowed to exchange gifts or greeting cards, whatsoever.
5. A student absenting ‘continuously without leave for more than 15 working days will be removed from the rolls. Readmission will entail payment of a penalty of Rs. 200/-.
6. Students must be present in the vidyalaya on the re-opening day. Absentees after any long holidays will have to produce Medical
Certificate if such leave is not got sanctioned in advance.
7. No student suffering from contagious of infectious disease will be allowed to attend the Vidyalaya. A student returning to Vidyalaya after suffering from such a disease should produce a fitness certificated from a regd. Medical practitioner.
XII. Library: Library periods are provided for in the time table and students of class V and above will be issued books from the library. Students should maintain a record of the extra readings done by them, in a separate note book. This will be scrutinized by the librarian.
XIII. Uniform: The following are the details of the uniform proposed for the various classes
Students are allowed to enter the campus only in the prescribed uniform in all respects as mentioned below.

I K.G.    -    1. Frock - Blue and grey one piece
                        a.    No belt
                        b.    Badge on left sleeve
                        c.    Short ankle length socks with 1 grey stripe
                        d.    White ribbon / hair-band
II. I - VI    -   1. Shirt and undivided/divided skirt
                        a.    Blue plain shirt and grey undivided/divided skirt
                        b.    Belt
                        c.    Short ankle length socks with 1 grey stripe and black shoes
                        d.    Badge on left sleeve
                        e.    White ribbon / white hair-band
III VII - X   - 1. Salwar Kameez
                        a.    Blue with Grey Jacket Front, one piece Kameez
                        b.    Grey Salwar
                        c.    No belt
                        d.    Short ankle length socks with 1 grey stripe and black shoes
                        e.    Badge on left sleeve
                        f.    White ribbon / white hair -band
I. K.G - VI  -1. Shirt and half trouser
                        a.    Blue shirt with grey piping on sleeves and front pocket.
                        b.    Grey half trousers with single pleat and flap over black pockets and side pockets.
                        c.    Belt
                        d.    Badge on the shirt pocket
                        e.    Black school shoes with laces (Bata only) and plain white socks above ankle
II. VII - X   - 1. Blue shirt and Grey full trousers
                        a.    Blue shirt with grey piping on sleeves and front pocket.
                        b.    Grey full trousers with single pleat and flap over back pockets and side pockets.
                        c.    Belt
                        d.    Badge on front pocket of the shirt
                        e.    Black school shoes with laces (Bata only) and plain white socks.
The white uniform has to be stitched in the above pattern only. Students should wear white uniform with white canvas shoes on Wednesday.
N.B.:(a) Girls of all classes having long (shoulder-length or more) hair should plait into two with white ribbons. If the hair is sufficiently long, plaited hair must be folded and tied properly.
(b) Girls must wear petticoat/camisole with broad shoulder straps from class I onwards.
(c) During rainy season, including Wednesday, black (single colour) rain proof sandals (without socks) should be used by all students of classes I to X. (A sample is displayed in the school office.)
(d) For boys, banian with half sleeves is a must from class I onwards, as an undergarment.
(e) Half/full formal trousers are allowed. Low waist is strictly prohibited.
XIV. Payment of fees
Tuition fee is payable for 3 terms of 4 months each, i.e. June - September, October - January & February-May.
Payment of fees is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. The last date for payment of fees without fine will be the 10th of June,10th of October and February. Those who do not pay the fees with a fine of Rs. 20/- within 10 days after the due date are liable to pay an additional cumulative fine of Rs. 10/- per day thereafter, including holidays. Howerver, such remittance will be entertained only till the last working day of the month. Failure to pay the fee by the last working day of the month will lead to removal of the student from the rolls. Re-admission thereafter will entail payment of Rs. 200/-
Fees once paid will not be refunded.
Students joining or leaving the vidyalaya in the middle of a term will have to pay the fees for the whole term. (Also read admission & withdrawals rules under (IV)
N.B.: The management reserves the right to amend, modify or add to any of these rules and regulations of the vidyalaya from time to time.

Hari Om
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